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Western Books


Albert, Susan Wittig Thyme of Death-A China Bayles Mystery
Bagdon, Paul Outlaws
Ballard, Todhunter Two Tons of Gold
Ballard, Todhunter The Incident at Sun Mountain
Ballas, Jack Hanging Valley
Bittner, Rosanne Into the Prairie: The Pioneers
Blakely, Mike Comanche Dawn
Blevins, Win Beauty for Ashes
Bowman, Doug The Copelands
Bowman, Doug The H and R Cattle Company
Bowman, Doug Houston
Boyer, G. G. Morgette on the Barbay Coast
Boyer, Glenn G. The Return of Morgette
Brand, Max Crossroads
Brandvold, Peter The Devil and Lou Prophet
Brandvold, Peter The Devil Gets His Due
Brandvold, Peter Rogue Lawman
Brandvold, Peter Once A Renegade
Braun, Matt Black Gold: The Osage Indians Struck it Rich on Oil. Then the Killing Began...
Braun, Matt Tombstone
Braun, Matt Buck Colter
braun, Matthew Cimarron Jordan
Brooks, Bill Rides a Stranger: The Journey of Jim Glass
Brown, Irene Bennett The Plainswoman
Brown, Sam The Crime of Coy Bell
Calder, Steven The Pioneer Spirit
Cameron, Lou Eagle Chief
Carter, Forrest The Vengeance Trail of Josey Wales
Cheshire, Giff Night Riders: A Western Duo
Coldsmith, Don Thunderstick
Colter, Dale Gravedancer
Compton, Ralph Train to Durango: Border Empire 2
Compton, Ralph Ralph Compton The Killing Season
Compton, Ralph The Winchester Run
Compton, Ralph Devil's Canyon
Compton, Ralph Across the Rio Colorado (Sundown Riders
Compton, Ralph Sixguns and Double Eagles
Conley, Robert J. Medicine War
Conley, Robert J. A Cold Hard Trail
Cotton, Ralph Justice: A Ralph Cotton Classic
Cunningham, John The Rainbow Runner
Dawson, Peter The Texas Slicks
Dugan, Bill Quanah Parker
Dugan, Bill Duel on the Mesa
Edson, J. T. Cold Deck, Hot Lead
Edwards, Hank Apache Sundown
Englade, Ken The Soldiers: Tony Hillerman's Frontier #3
Estleman, Loren D. City of Widows
Estleman, Loren D. Mister St. John
Estleman, Loren D. Aces & Eights
Evans, Tabor Longarm 380: Longarm and the One-Armed Bandit
Farrell, Clifford T. Return of the Long Riders / Terror in Eagle Basin
Farrell, Clifford T. Crossfire and Renegade
Fowler, connie may the problem with murmur lee
Fox, Gardner F. Escape across the cosmos
Franklin, Gary Man of Honor
Fraser, gail lumby's bounty
Fraser, gail the promise of lumby
Friend, Charles E. The Savage Trail: A Novel
fuller, roger secrets of peyton place
Geoffrion, Alan Broken Trail
Giffin, emily heart of the matter
Gordon, noah the rabbi
Gorman, Ed Cavalry Man: Powder Keg
Gorman, Edward Death Ground
Gray, Judson Ransom Riders
Grove, Fred A Soldier Returns
Guhrke, Laura Lee The Marriage Bed
Hailey, arthur in high places
Henry, Will Frontier Fury
Hogan, Ray Copper Dun Stud
Holleman, Gary L. Demon Fire
Holmes, L. P. High Starlight
hopson, william straight from boothill
Howard, John Wesley Easy Company 11
Judd, Cameron Snow Sky / Corrigan
Judd, Cameron Fiddler & McCan
Judd, Cameron Timber Creek / Renegade Lawmen
Judd, Cameron Renegade Lawmen: They Were The Best Of Friends And The Worst Of Enemies- On A Wild Ride Across The American Frontier
Judd, Cameron Corrigan
Judd, Cameron Jerusalem Camp
Judd, Cameron Brazos
Kammen, Robert Montana Showdown
Kammen, Robert Five Crossings
Kammen, Robert Bloody Dakota Summer
Kelton, Elmer The Wolf and the Buffalo
Kelton, Elmer The Buckskin Line
Kelton, Elmer Stand Proud
Kelton, Elmer Hot Iron
Kelton, Elmer The Rebels: Sons of Texas
Kraft, Gabrielle BULLSHOT
Lambert, Page Shifting Stars
Lanagan, B. J. Bushwhackers 06: Epitaph
Lee, Wayne C. The Hostile Land
Legg, J. Trouble in Tall Pine
Legg, John Fire Along the Big Muddy
Leonard, Elmore Forty Lashes Less One
Leonard, Elmore Trail of the Apache and Other Stories
Leslie, Frank The Dangerous Dawn
Logan, Jake Slocum and the Lakota Lady
Lutz, Giles A. Demand Land-blind Tr
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Shwartz, Susan Shards of Empire
Wilde, Oscar The Importance of Being Earnest
Zindel, Paul The Pigman